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The Age Of
Corporate Performance Management

Oracle / Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning is an agile planning solution that supports enterprise-wide planning, budgeting and forecasting via desktop, mobile and Microsoft Office interfaces. It provides a robust modeling framework that helps develop reliable financial forecasts based on sales and operating assumptions to achieve cost-effective business alignment.

Oracle Hyperion Planning can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. We at BLUEBIRD Consulting will be happy to advise you in deciding which solution is the right one for your company and your use case.
The new EPM Viewer.

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The Business Benefits
  • Shorter budgeting and planning cycles (months or weeks)
  • Increasing the accuracy of forecasts
  • Intuitive web user interface
  • Full Microsoft Office integration
  • Reduction of planning cycles
  • Basis for the transition to fully integrated corporate planning
  • Reduce operating costs through superior application delivery
  • Intuitive management tools and data integration

The Key Features
  • Flexible workflow functions
  • Reliability with predictive planning functions
  • Seamless Microsoft Office integration
  • Integrated reports and dashboards
  • Proven and scalable architecture
  • Robust integration with ERP sources with drillback
  • Deployment and backups at the highest level
  • Higher agility
  • Fully mobile usable planning and workflow functions
  • Instant calculations and fast aggregation

Hyperion Planning – Optimize your planning and budgeting process

Corporate alignment is difficult to achieve in financial plans due to the separation between the finance office and sales and operating business units. Financial planning and forecasting is often a resource and time consuming process for gathering information spread across a variety of disconnected spreadsheets or point solutions used by the finance office and various sales and operational business units.

Oracle Hyperion’s planning solution provides the flexibility needed for the business planning process by quickly aligning financial plans, models and forecasts across cost centers and business units so decisions can be made at a speed the business demands. The impact of changes to key plant drivers and assumptions can be assessed immediately, and revisions can be made available to all stakeholders instantly, without the reliability risks associated with manual intervention.

The software has built-in time intelligence and assignment logic and comes with a powerful calculation engine that can be used to express a range of business requirements, from simple arithmetic formulas to complex assignments.

Oracle Hyperion Planning provides guided task flows and supports both bottom-up and top-down Agile planning processes. Its robust workflow capabilities support efficient review and approval processes.

Higher planning accuracy through rolling forecasts

Companies today are faced with a rapidly changing business environment. Constantly changing market dynamics can lead to demand, supply and price fluctuations that require decisions based on alternative outcomes. To make informed decisions in such a market, the financial impact of key business drivers must be understood and forecasts must be revised reliably and quickly.

Oracle Hyperion’s planning solution provides sophisticated forecast planning capabilities that can produce reliable statistical forecasts based on time-series data over long periods of time, while capturing seasonal effects, making predictions more reliable.

The planning software also provides planners with spontaneous what-if modeling capabilities to evaluate the impact of different combinations of business assumptions on key financial outcomes. To enable planners to quickly revise business and market impacts on forecasts, Oracle Hyperion’s solution is equipped with rolling forecasting capabilities that make the entire planning process more agile from the start…

The Hyperion EPM on-promise components

Streamline financial close with comprehensive consolidation and close including complex consolidation support, tight processor orchestration, and supplemental data capture.

Create accurate, interconnected plans – from long-term planning to regular rolling forecasts and business unit planning – that incorporate best practices as needed. Whether you work in corporate financial planning and analysis, sales, marketing, human resources, IT, supply chain, or operations.

Use the multidimensional database Essbase for quick evaluations of your business fields.

Optimize the data quality of your company by using FDM EE. Probably the only completely “audit-proof” solution on the market

Create a central point to manage your metadata. Improve your master data management with DRM and create seamless transparency between all connected systems

Meet internal and external reporting requirements – collaborative reporting and regulatory reporting with interactive dashboards

The Oracle EPM Cloud Components

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Streamline your financial close process and leverage a comprehensive consolidation solution. FCCS offers a holistic approach, from data collection to consolidation to compelling dashboards.

Start your tax reporting in the easy-to-use Oracle EPM Cloud. Maintaining control processes with the integrated configuration wizards has never been easier. By aligning tax reporting with corporate financial reporting, you get seamless transparency between taxes and finance.

EDMCS enables enterprise data control, change data visualization, and hierarchy management across your entire system landscape from a central point.

Use the best-practice approach and benefit from ready-made modules in the areas of finance, human resources, capital, IT project planning. Start now with accurate, holistic planning across your entire business units.

Meet internal and external reporting requirements and streamline your reporting process with Narrative Reporting in Oracle EPM Cloud.
This solution provides a secure, collaborative, and process-driven approach to defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management reporting packages.

Streamline your global reconciliation process with Oracle ARCS. Save time by automating your reconciliation tasks. This cloud solution includes two different modules: Reconciliation Compliance and Transaction Matching.

PCMCS helps you understand the root causes of your costs and revenues. Control profit and cost impacts through rapid assumption changes to manage and increase profitability.

Based on PBCS, we offer this predefined solution for reporting and simulation of transfer pricing calculations. Our solution supports you with a high degree of automation, simulation of scenarios, profitability and variance analyses, transparent cost and revenue allocations, and reporting and documentation.

Data Management helps you easily connect data from various sources. Data management is an integral part of every EPM module. You can easily extend the data loading process and load exchange rates directly from the bank into your EPM system if needed. Automated, of course.

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