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SPM & Sales Planning

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SPM & Sales Planning in Board

In today’s saturated markets, it is a challenge to make products or services stand out from the crowd. Companies are increasingly responding with a tailored sales performance management (SPM) and sales planning approach. Increasingly volatile markets and logistics processes are also forcing a rethink. Sales teams have always been under pressure, but now they’re struggling more than ever to deliver the results they want. This makes planning, monitoring and analyzing the individual steps of the sales process much more complex.

More and more More and more internal and external stakeholders require immediate access to reliable, up-to-date information on the Sales development. Sales managers need to set the right goals, provide the right direction for their teams, and create the best incentives to achieve good results. Each of these factors feeds into a master go-to-market plan that impacts the entire company. The implementation of this comprehensive plans requires a complete coordination during the entire sales cycle

A common planning and analysis approach simplifies performance management from the Initial contact up to the signed contract. Learn how Board, as the Intelligent Planning Platform, provides the necessary performance, flexibility and transparency to drive digital transformation in sales performance management. drive forward.

Sales planning - a typical sales cycle

Volatile markets also mean that sales cycles have to become faster and more efficient to adapt to the new reality. A typical sales cycle of a sales planning usually starts with a top-down planning by the management and then leads to a bottom-up planning by the individual sales people. Thanks to Boards integrated approach, the specifications of the top-down planning, e.g. with regard to turnover and/or sales, can be directly transferred to the detailed planning, whereby a target is already specified. However, this is customized according to your needs, giving you full control over your planning and processes.

With the multitude of graphical and technical possibilities that Board offers, the whole process can be presented in a clear and appealing way.

A screenshot of a sales budget.

The specifications of the top-down planning are now transferred to the target of the sales staff, who can now plan their turnover and sales individually. By default, the distribution of the previous year is taken over, so that it is not necessary to start from zero every year. The entries can then be fed back to the management, which receives a quick overview of the sales staff’s entries with the help of a smart traffic light system. Of course, business intelligence tools with predictive analytics, simulation planning and versioning can also be integrated. These help you make data-driven decisions, minimizing the risk of bad decisions.


A screenshot of a dashboard with lots of information.

Transfer to integrated planning

Connect business activities seamlessly with the rest of the company

Efficient sales performance management is not achieved in isolation. Ongoing activities and results presented in the sales process, from marketing and promotional activities to financial targets, S&OP and HR planning, can have a significant impact on focus and results. The optimization of sales performance requires complete transparency at all stages and continuous collaboration between teams. Board provides the visibility needed to monitor sales performance in real time with other business processes to connect. Break with the help of Board , reduce manual processes, and achieve full synchronization between strategic, financial, and operational goals . Overall, the entire planning process becomes significantly more efficient. This allows for a significantly shortened planning cycle, as well as more time for meaningful analysis.

A screenshot of a marketing plan.

The user interface is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Because we involve you early on, team members can independently build dashboards, reports, and analytics in day-to-day operations using drag-and-drop, without relying on the IT department and its often scarce resources. This makes it easier to access the information you need quickly and effectively. The application is also mobile friendly and can be used from anywhere on a tablet or smartphone.

We at Bluebird help you to achieve your goals and are always at your side with our professional know-how as well as with our technical expertise.

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