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The new Board CPM Platform

Experience Corporate Performance Management with board

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The new Board CPM platform

Board’s decision-making platform is one of the fastest and smartest solutions for creating customized planning and analysis applications.

Board provides you with a range of out-of-the-box solutions to map decision-relevant, standardized business processes for various industries and organizations.

Board: The #1 All-in-One Platform Solution for Decision Making

Board, the #1 decision-making platform, gives you complete control over your business planning and performance. Achieve your goals and drive digital transformation in your business.

Take advantage of the best-practice approach and benefit from a programming-free solution for consolidation. Consolidation at the push of a button has never been easier.


Explore your data, gain new insights, perform efficient analysis, create interactive dashboards, and distribute meaningful reports.

Combine self-service BI with enterprise data governance.

The main features of Board FC

Legal and management consolidation of complex corporate structures with automation of:

– Currency translation and treatment of currency translation differences
– Validation rules
– Intercompany debt consolidation & expense and income consolidation with customizable rules
– Capital consolidation of subsidiaries incl. Calculation of the consolidation reserve
– Offsetting of profit/loss and dividends of subsidiaries & calculation of consolidated profit/loss
– Calculation of Group & Minority Interests
– Calculation of changes in the scope of consolidation
– Cash flow statement and reporting
– Auditability of the journal
… and much more

    • Own integrated workflow that guides the user step by step through the processes
    • Intra-group reconciliation at transaction document or currency level
    • Flat and phased model for consolidation reporting
    • Creation & comparison of any number of scenarios (actual, budget, forecast, etc.)
    • Different, customizable closing periods (year, quarter, month, etc.)
    • Multiple chart of accounts management: local, group & reporting
    • Journal entries at company and group level
    • User function management
    • Application control for processes to ensure data quality
    • Business intelligence & financial analysis at company & group level
    • Business insights for users through open hierarchy capability
    • Verifiability & compliance of data and processes (IT & application controls and segregation of duties)
    • Disclosure: consolidated, statutory, management & divisional reporting.
    • Disclosure of information in accordance with regulatory requirements
    • XBRL and iXBRL


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