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Oracle Analytics Cloud and Server (OAC/OAS)

Oracle Analytics is a single, centralized solution that provides everything you need in a scalable business intelligence (BI) environment to support diverse user requirements now and in the future. License what you need and benefit from the most advanced analysis tools available. With Oracle Analytics, you have the freedom to define analytics anytime, anywhere, according to your needs.

Oracle Analytics can be licensed as an on-premise solution (Oracle Analytics Server – OAS) or as cloud software (Oracle Analytics Cloud – OAC) cloud, depending on your preference. We at BLUEBIRD Consulting will be happy to advise you in deciding which license combination is right for your company and your use case.

The Business Benefits

Oracle Analytics is a complete and cost-effective platform.

  • lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Low effort for the management and maintenance of analyses
  • Grows with you as your business changes
  • Receives new functions through regular releases
  • Creates easy scalability across the enterprise
  • Integrates proactive analytics on your mobile devices
  • Enables faster and more accurate analysis
  • Adapts to your requirements

As a cloud solution, OAC allows you to add services and capacity for peak times and remove them when you’re done.

Key Features
  • Analyses for every need: descriptive, predictive, proactive
  • Controlled self-service detection
  • Search and voice-driven analytics
  • Visual storytelling
  • Analytics with proactive mobile device insights
  • Ease of use: drag-and-drop / self-service
  • User-driven what-if modeling
  • Extensive data loading and shuffling capabilities
  • Powerful inline data preparation and enrichment
  • Visual workflows for automation
  • Enterprise-class semantic layer for reporting
  • Optimized connectivity to local data warehouses
  • Proactive, self-learning insights about day by day (mobile)

Complete: Everything you need for Analytics with OAS & OAC

Oracle Analytics Cloud and Server (OAC/OAS) combines existing and new services to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive analytics. This provides industry-standard features as well as new ways to leverage your organization’s collective intelligence. It provides everything you need for analytic agility, from fast, fluid self-service discovery to simple but sophisticated data loading and blending, powerful inline data preparation, data enrichment, automatic visualization, data storytelling, instant mobile with full authoring, easy and extensible advanced analytics, and more.

The core features of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) are:

– Self-service analytics
– Data preparation and enrichment
– Business scenario modeling – multidimensional and visual analytics
– Enterprise reporting, governance and security with a semantic layer
– Complex data handling
– Consolidated data view across the enterprise


Connected: The right data at the right time

Oracle Analytics Cloud and Server (OAS/OAC) currently leverages a growing list of potential data sources, providing you with an easy way to connect people and processes to the information they need. Similarly, open integration frameworks help connect analytics across business processes and environments, streamlining work and enabling the best possible user experience. Working with data and creating connected experiences is easy and smart with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Server (OAC/OAS):

– Automatically visualize all your data, whether you load it via self-service or through operational integrations, so you can quickly see its shape and quality.
– Data connectors are available for a variety of sources, both Oracle and non-Oracle.
– Intelligence is embedded in connectors for Oracle SaaS applications, so you get immediate, meaningful information and accelerate your analysis.
– Powerful inline data preparation and visual data flows with machine learning that lets you see and then automate the steps to transform and enrich data.


We offer the best options for your business


Oracle Analytics Cloud and Server (OAC/OAS) gives you the flexibility to grow and change with your business. At the same time, you have complete control over your analysis environment:

– Analyze all your data everywhere
– Balance business freedom with a regulated framework to achieve the best mix of self-service
– agility and operational consistency for your business
– Adapt to rapidly changing requirements

How to work with joins in OAC and OAS