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Project Controlling (BPC)

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Board Project Controlling (BPC)

Free yourself and your team from time-consuming tasks and instead use our specially developed integrated solution approach for effective project management. With our help, you not only gain valuable time for analysis, but also optimize the efficiency of your projects. Our innovative system offers you a holistic solution that covers all aspects of project management and improves collaboration within your team. Use our expertise to successfully complete your projects and use your time effectively. Experience Board Project Controlling from Bluebird.

What is Project controlling?

Project controlling is an important aspect of successful day-to-day business. It allows companies to keep track of their projects and ensure they stay within budget. It involves monitoring and analyzing financial data and metrics to ensure your business is financially viable and in line with corporate goals. It can also help identify and resolve potential risks and bottlenecks early on to ensure successful execution. An effective strategy is therefore essential to ensure the profitability and long-term success of your business.

The Bluebird website is displayed on a computer screen.

Our approach

Thanks to Board’s platform, we as Bluebird AG have developed an independent approach. This fills the gap between operational and financial project controlling, resulting in a holistic outlook. The application can be seamlessly integrated with both existing board applications and external existing enterprise systems, such as financial, HR or CRM systems. This ensures a complete view and automatically updates the data. The integration enables project managers to access a wide range of data to make informed, data-driven decisions.

The single point of truth approach allows managers to keep track of project progress and ensure it is completed within budget, time and scope. This enables companies to optimize their business processes and improve their decision-making.

In our approach, projects are assigned various metrics such as labor costs, equipment costs, start and end dates, and budget, resulting in total costs at the end. A continuous traffic light system indicates early on should problems arise. These can be steered back onto the right track through a variety of control options. The approach is also very flexible and is adapted to your individual needs.

With the intelligent platform, you can control costs and activities across departments and transfer them automatically to financial planning. This automates time-consuming, manual tasks, allowing finance teams to spend more time on value-driving, forward-looking business analysis and strategy.

A screenshot of a business dashboard.

Creating added value through board

  • Costs always in view & flexible planning
  • Dashboarding of the project KPI's
  • Resource allocation for new projects
  • More cost-efficient through simulations
  • Automated transfer to financial planning 
A screenshot of a business dashboard.

The user interface is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Because we involve you early on, team members can independently build dashboards, reports, and analytics in day-to-day operations using drag-and-drop, without relying on the IT department and its often scarce resources. This makes it easier to access the information you need quickly and effectively. The application is also mobile friendly and can be used from anywhere on a tablet or smartphone.

Plan smarter

Understand what drives the business and plan what comes next

Gain knowledge

Maximize the contribution of each individual to the company's performance

Shape transformation

Optimize planning across the enterprise, improve performance and sustain change

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the business world. Companies must adapt to be successful. They need to be able to automate their business processes, use data in real time and adapt their business models to the new challenges. Board supports companies in this transformation by providing an integrated platform that combines all relevant data and processes in one system. This enables companies to automate their business processes, make decisions based on real-time data, and transform their business modelsIt enables companies to manage their entire planning process from goal setting to operational execution in a unified, user-friendly environment.

The platform consists of three main areas: Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Advanced Analytics (AA). Business Intelligence enables companies to visualize and analyze their data. This enables them to make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities more quickly. Corporate Performance Management ensures that companies achieve their goals faster by automating processes, creating transparency and making performance measurable. Advanced analytics enables companies to gain valuable insights from their data and optimize processes.

This enables companies to automate their business processes, make decisions based on real-time data, and transform their business models. This keeps you competitive and ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


We at Bluebird help you to achieve your goals and are always at your side with our professional know-how as well as with our technical expertise.

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