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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with OneStream

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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with OneStream

Unify financial and operational plans with planning, budgeting and forecasting from OneStream. Align Intelligently Advanced planning and analysis (xP&A) across sales, marketing, supply chain and FP&A with flexibility and control. Work together with data-driven insights and signals to drive continuous planning and performance management across the enterprise on a unified, intelligent platform.

Improve agility

Manage and govern global FP&A while providing your business partners with the agility to model operational drivers for advanced business plans – all within the same unified solution and user experience.

Make reliable predictions

Implement budgets and forecasts instantly with powerful predictive models without technical expertise.

Accelerate the planning

Manage ongoing forecasts and scenario plans to continuously analyze how sales, production, price, and labor impact profitability and future plans.

Main features | OneStream XF

1. strategic planning and modeling

Drive your long-term strategy and analyze alternative value creation scenarios. Quickly develop plans for baseline scenarios for organic growth strategies and potential M&A initiatives.

  • Test assumptions and flexible value drivers to assess impact on financial results.
  • Analyze alternative what-if scenarios and financing options in terms of liquidity, profitability, debt obligations, capital structure, and more.
  • Quickly analyze the sensitivity of your cost, revenue, or capital structure to external drivers such as commodity prices and assess foreign exchange and interest rate risk.

2. agile planning and scenarios without compromise

Intelligent support for top-down, bottom-up, driver-based planning, rolling forecasts, and scenario analysis.

  • Simplify the entry of planning revisions with dynamic web forms or conveniently via Excel to instantly create or update plans or forecasts.
  • Guided workflows, advanced distributions, and allocations speed data collection and entry.
  • Extensible Dimensionality® enables support for enterprise, business unit, and granular operational plans in a single solution.

3. advanced planning & analysis (XP&A) and integrated business planning
Extend planning and analysis
across the enterprise, collaborate with business partners, and align granular operational plans with financial goals.
  • Increase performance and governance and simplify financial and operational planning with a unified user experience.
  • Workforce planning, capital planning, revenue planning, cash planning and free-form planning provide maximum flexibility while optimizing financial performance and analysis.
  • Dynamically visualize the impact of planning decisions on profitability and margins with driver-based “what-if” planning.

4. predictive analyses

Download Predictive Analytics 123 from the OneStream Marketplace, configure predictive models and use them in all planning processes

  • Manage, create, and maintain forecast models without requiring technical or data science knowledge.
  • Automatically generate powerful predictions using more than 10 built-in model types, including Holt-Winters, Exponential Smoothing, and ARIMA.
  • Create and integrate forecasting models across the OneStream platform, including workflows, planning processes, reports, and dashboards.

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Financial Statements & Consolidation

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Disrupt the end-of-month reporting routine using OneStream. Convert daily and weekly indicators from various data sources into valuable insights that propel performance.

Reporting and Analyse

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Planning, budgeting and forecasts

Align intelligently with OneStream. Advanced planning and analysis (xP&A) across sales, marketing, supply chain and FP&A with flexibility and control. Work together with data-driven insights and signals to drive continuous planning and performance management across the enterprise on a unified, intelligent platform.

Financial Signaling

Break the month-end reporting cycle with OneStream by turning daily and weekly operational signals from multiple data sources into actionable insights to drive performance.

Reporting und Analyse

Unify your financial and operational data for greater performance and value with OneStream. Provide the right information in the right format at the right time to different audiences.

Personnel planning

With OneStream XF, model and develop workforce plans using drivers and dynamic calculations to forecast the cost of new hires and changes in compensation, benefits, taxes, travel, and other related expenses.

Capital planning

Optimize capital asset planning and related depreciation, maintenance, and insurance impacts in the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement with OneStream.

Sales Planning

Intelligently align customers, products, pricing, and sales targets with your financial plans in a unified data model and user interface with OneStream.

Profitability analysis

Analyze revenue and costs across multiple products, customers, or sales channels with OneStream XF and gain insight into underlying profitability drivers.

Meaningful Machine Learning (ML)

Unleash the power and sophistication of Data Science in Finance and Operations through OneStream XF. Experience CPM of the latest generation.

eXtended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)

Gartner defines Advanced Planning and Analysis (xP&A) as an evolution of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) that aligns operational planning with an organization’s financial performance.


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