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Simulation & Versioning

In today’s business environment, it is critical to understand and respond quickly to the real-time impact of decisions and changes. This is where simulation and versioning come into play.

By simulating processes, companies can run through various scenarios and predict potential impacts on their business. This enables decision makers to make informed decisions and minimize risks.

Process versioning, in turn, enables companies to create and manage different versions of their business processes. This is especially helpful when it comes to making changes to processes and tracking those changes. This also allows companies to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest version and can track changes.


Plan different scenarios in the shortest possible time

Board gives you the ability to create accurate simulation models that accurately reflect your business challenges and include the analytical calculations necessary to better evaluate the potential impact of your decisions in advance.

Thanks to our innovative technology, you can overcome the shortcomings of conventional solutions and benefit from a fast and easy-to-implement simulation process.

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Simply map business models and processes

Board enables visualization of business processes that allow users to understand the impact of their decisions on the performance of the business. Combining native capabilities such as real-time data aggregation, calculation and mapping, formulas and business rules, business scenarios can be mapped quickly and efficiently. For example, changes in fixed costs can be quickly simulated to determine their impact on the EBIT calculation. Comparative models can also be used to develop plans, scenarios, and sensitivity analyses to improve the accuracy and efficiency of financial, workforce, and S&OP planning processes. With Board, you can base your decisions on sound simulations, minimizing the risk of wrong decisions.

Apply simulation models in real time

In business, it is crucial to make quick and reliable decisions. The ability to run different scenarios and simulate the impact on the business can help make informed decisions. Board offers an innovative solution for simulation and planning, with very high structural flexibility and performance. With real-time data management, dynamic data mapping for all dimensions and hierarchies, and automatic data calculation and aggregation, new business units, products, markets, or investments can be integrated during the simulation or planning process. In the process, all changes are automatically applied to all relevant levels and dimensions, enabling comprehensive and accurate simulation of scenarios.

The what-if analysis revolution: use flexibility of all cells for formula and data entry

Board is characterized by a unique efficiency in the management of data inputs. Unlike many competitors that only offer bottom-up aggregation across the lowest level of detail, Board allows data changes to be allocated on a top-down, bottom-up or middle-out basis. In doing so, Board integrates a unique feature called “Reverse Algorithm” that automatically transfers changes in percentage values to the corresponding quantities calculated with that percentage value. Another advantage of Board is that the same cells can be used for both inputs and results, overcoming one of the major limitations of traditional spreadsheet programs like Excel. This fundamental mechanic enables an entirely new user experience in simulation and planning processes and applies to all types of values, including intermediate and overall results.

A screenshot of a business dashboard.

The user interface is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Because we involve you early on, team members can independently build dashboards, reports, and analytics in day-to-day operations using drag-and-drop, without relying on the IT department and its often scarce resources. This makes it easier to access the information you need quickly and effectively. The application is also mobile friendly and can be used from anywhere on a tablet or smartphone.

We at Bluebird help you to achieve your goals and are always at your side with our professional know-how as well as with our technical expertise.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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