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The BLUEBIRD – IBCS Starter Kit

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) are practical suggestions that help make communication inside and outside the company more efficient. In general, IBCS rules are used to properly design charts and tables in terms of their content, content visual perceptibility, and semantic notation (for more information, see: https: //

A laptop with a graphic on it.
A laptop with graphs on the screen.

The BLUEBIRD IBCS approach

To support you in reporting in IBCS, we have developed a special starter kit – The BLUEBIRD IBCS Add-In.

With the BLUEBIRD IBCS Add-In, you can create analyses according to the IBCS standard at the push of a button. It doesn’t matter if you want to get your data from an Oracle / Hyperion EPM,
OneStream CPM
or an SAP system. or SAP system export. We have built special adapters for you that make the transition as easy as possible.

The advantages of the BLUEBIRD IBCS approach:

  • Easy entry into the IBCS design
  • Higher quality analysis of your data
  • Shorter response times for decision making
  • Simple understanding of complex issues through targeted visualization
  • Easy transfer of elements for further reports
  • High usability
  • Works with your EPM/CPM solutions

Overview: BLUEBIRD Add-In for IBCS Reporting


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Backgrounds IBCS®

Do you know the situation of looking at a report and after 5 minutes asking yourself, “What is the artist trying to tell me?” Unfortunately, such a thing is not an exception. The list of possible reporting tools on the market is large, and the visual capabilities that come with the various business intelligence products are just as extensive.

As a result, reports are becoming more diverse and colorful and, unfortunately, losing more and more of their intrinsic meaning.

Art is beautiful and should be encouraged, but there is no room for it in business communications and reporting.

This is exactly where the IBCS® standards come in. IBCS® stands for INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Standards and is a freely usable set of rules (Creative Commons license) that is intended to regulate the visual design of reports, among other things.

IBCS has its origin in the Hichert® SUCCESS rules developed by Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert.

In these rules, each letter of the word SUCCESS stands for a special report property that can be standardized.

  • Say= convey the right message/make the right statement

  • Unify= Unify the representations
  • Condense= Condense the information

  • Check= ensure visual integrity
  • Express= Select the best possible visualization
  • Simplify= avoid superfluous details
  • Structure= Correct outline of the content

Compliance with the above rules ensures that the business communication also complies with the IBCS® standards or meets the requirements of the IBCS.

It should be remembered, however, that the IBCS are by no means mandatory, but should be seen as practical suggestions that can be used to design business communications that are generally understandable.

Let’s take the use of colors as an example: The use of colors for reports, dashboards or analyses is of course also permitted under IBCS. However, care should be taken to ensure that colors are only used if there is a recognizable purpose for their use – such as specifically highlighting a product, business unit or month in a list of items. However, certain rules should be followed:

  • From now on, the color used is permanently linked to the object and should not be used for other objects.
  • Use colors sparingly. In the case of a colored list, a single object can no longer be identified.
  • In general, use colors more for short dimensions, not for long dimensions.

Since their creation, the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Standards have become established in many companies (both nationally and internationally) and ensure comprehensible and meaningful corporate communication and reporting.

In general, the IBCS defined standards are used to properly design charts and tables in terms of their content conception, visual perceptibility, and semantic notation. (

Even if you cannot or do not want to comply with all IBCS rules for your communication, even small steps in this direction show noticeable effects for small and large, national and international companies.