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CCH Tagetik

Supply Chain Planning

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Increase resilience and optimize operations with CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning

Improve end-to-end supply chain planning to improve forecast accuracy and drive growth. Our forward-looking, predictive planning solution combines demand, inventory, supply, production, and sales and operations planning (S&OP) with financial data to give you a 360° view of your supply chain.

This enterprise-wide solution dynamically updates plans and immediately shows you the impact of customer, product or supplier changes.

With real-time data, scenario analysis, and AI to create accurate forecasts, you can assess strategic, financial, and operational impacts across the entire integrated business plan, and cross-functional teams can collaborate to prepare your business for anything.

Change is inevitable. Adaptability is power. CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning enables you to mitigate risk and build a resilient supply chain that allows for uncertainty.

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Supply Chain Plannig

Gain insights. Create value. Drive business.
Experience one of the best CPM platforms solution and discover the benefits.

3 Reasons why CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning allows you to focus on your business.

Improve forecast accuracy and reduce cycle times. Our enterprise-wide planning connects all product, customer, supplier and company data so you can see impact assessments immediately and make better, faster decisions.

Be resilient to fluctuations. Create probabilistic plans with risk-adjusted forecasts that model the full spectrum of possibilities – low, medium, and high risk – and prepare for each outcome.

Get cross-functional teams on the same page. Align teams with configurable workflows that drive collaboration and efficiency by defining tasks, automating approvals, and monitoring work in progress.

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CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning key benefits

Balance supply and demand – automatically. CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning provides planners with intelligent capabilities, automating inefficient manual processes and bringing fragmented supply chain functions together.

  • Plans, budgets and forecasts that are dynamically updated
  • Build resilience to fluctuations with AI technology
  • Align teams using configurable workflows
  • Test decisions through simulations
  • Deliver a flexible solution that meets your unique business needs
Essential functions of CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning

Get true end-to-end supply chain planning and forecasting you can trust. Equip cross-functional teams with a unified process for demand planning, supply planning, production planning, S&OP, and financial planning to optimize the supply chain

  • Model exceptional events across demand and supply
  • Plan, forecast and optimize product lifecycles
  • Automate short- and long-term replenishment
  • Demonstrate the impact of supply, demand, or production decisions
  • Create intelligent plans based on predictions and risk thresholds

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Experience the difference with CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik goes beyond basic CPM capabilities. By reconciling financial and operational data on a unified platform, our software ensures that you are working with a “single point of truth.” The result is faster financial processes and a complete overview of your entire company.

Learn more about CCH Tagetik‘s unified CPM platform:

Finanzen und den operativen Betrieb intelligent verknüpfen. Besser managen. Schneller reagieren.

Vollständig automatisiert. Einfach zusammengefasst. Erstellen Sie sich einen schnellen und präzisen Abschluss..

Manage Cash. Risiko reduzieren. Liquidität optimieren.

Optimieren Sie die „letzte Meile“. Berichterstattung – sorgfältig und vertraulich.

Compliance- Anforderungen erfüllen. Korrekte Berichtserstattung. Regelkonform ohne Hindernisse.

Treffen Sie genaue, datengetriebene Entscheidungen mit CCH Tagetik Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding

Schaffen Sie Konformität. Vertrauen aufbauen. Treiben Sie eine nachhaltigere Zukunft voran.

Beschleunigen Sie Ihren Abschluss. Erhöhen Sie die Transparenz. Die Kontrolle übernehmen.

Granulare Daten. Maximale Einblicke. Sorgen Sie für höhere Leistung und profitables Wachstum

Die CCH Tagetik-Lösung kombiniert vertraute Reporting-Tools mit Echtzeitdaten, Automatisierung und Finanzintelligenz.

COGS steuern. Entscheidungsfindung verbessern. Profit maximieren.

Lieferketten ausrichten. Angebot und Nachfrage ausgleichen. Funktionsübergreifend zusammenarbeiten.

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