Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a single, centralized solution that provides everything you need in a scalable environment to support varied user requirements for now and in the future. Buy what you need and get the value you want from modern analytics, all while continuing to take advantage of its complete, connected, collaborative platform as you grow. With Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), you have the freedom to define analyses the way you want to, anytime, anywhere.

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Complete: Everything you need for Analytics

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) combines existing and new services to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive analytics in the cloud. This delivers industry-standard capabilities as well as new ways to capitalize on your organization’s collective intelligence. It provides everything you need for analytic agility, from fast, fluid self-service discovery to simple-yet-sophisticated data loading and blending, powerful inline data prep, data enrichment, automatic visualizations, data storytelling, instant mobile with full authoring, easy and extensible advanced analytics, and more.

The core capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) are:
– Self-service, approach to enable users to create stunning visuals to explain their results and share them with colleagues
– Data preparation and enrichment, which is built into the analytics cloud platform
– Business scenario modelling, an industry-leading modelling engine for self-service, multidimensional,and visual analyses
– Proactive mobile that learns your routine and delivers contextual insights, at the right time and location in your daily activities while on the go
– Enterprise reporting, governance, and security, with a semantic layer that maps complex data into familiar business terms and offers a consolidated view of data across the organization

No other solution combines this array of capabilities to satisfy the needs of your entire organization,at any scale.

Connected: Getting you the right data at the right time

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) currently utilizes a growing list of possible data sources, giving you an easy way to connect people and processes to the information they need. Likewise, open integration frameworks help connect analytics across business processes and environments, streamlining work and enabling the best possible user experiences. Working with data and creating connected experiences is simple and smart with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC):

– Automatic visualization for all your data, whether you load it self-service or through operational integrations, so you can quickly see its shape and quality.
– Data connectors are available for a wide array of sources, Oracle and non-Oracle.
– Intelligence is embedded in connectors for Oracle SaaS applications, getting you to meaningful information right away and accelerating your analysis.
– Powerful inline data preparation and visual data flows with machine learning that allow you to see the steps to transform and enrich data, then automate them.

Giving you the best options for your business

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) gives you the flexibility to grow and change as your business does.At the same time it puts you in complete control of your analytics environment:
– Analyse any data, anywhere
– Balance business freedom and a governed framework to achieve the best blend of self-service agility and operational consistency for your organization
– Accommodate changing demand easily

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