BLUEBIRD – IBCS Starter kit

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) are practical suggestions that help to make communication within and outside the organization more efficient. In general, the IBCS are used to properly design diagrams and tables in terms of their content design, visual perceptibility and semantic notation.(Further Information at:

IBCS Reporting
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To support you with the reporting in IBCS, we have developed a special starter kit – The BLUEBIRD IBCS Add-In.

The BLUEBIRD IBCS Add-In allows you to create analyses according to IBCS at the simple touch of a button. It does not matter if you get your data from an Oracle / Hyperion EPM, OneStream CPM or SAP system. We have special adapters that make the transition as easy as possible.

The Benefits of the BLUEBIRD IBCS Approach

  • Easy entry into the IBCS Design

  • Higher quality in the analysis of your data
  • Shorter response times in decision-making
  • Simple understanding of complex issues through targeted visualization
  • Easy adoption of elements for further reports
  • High ease of use

Overview: BLUEBIRD IBCS Reporting